Training your dog without pain or intimidation.

Scientifically sound, positive reinforcement training.

My Approach

Education.  Not war.

Training your dog doesn’t need to be about going to battle.

All of the current, recognized, peer-reviewed research supports training a dog with positive-reinforcement.  Using corrections or punishment to train a dog is not only unnecessary, it’s also considered by most leading authorities on behaviour to be inhumane.  

Positive reinforcement dog puppy training classes Mississauga Etobicoke

Not all dog training is created equally.


Evidence-based training.

That means our training isn’t based on “years of observing dogs” or, worse, something someone developed on their own.  Evidence-based training uses training methods based on scientific research that can be replicated with predictable results.

Qualified Trainer.

Although you don’t have to be certified to train dogs, the industry is moving towards certification and a minimum standard requirement.  I have a Masters degree in Business and am certified by Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers, and The Karen Pryor Academy.  I use only evidence-based, harm-free training methods. 

Written contact reports.

It’s challenging to handle a dog and absorb an hour of learning.  Each client receives a written contact report that summarizes our session and outlines exercises for you and your dog to work on until our next meeting.

This is Training your dog will love.

We’re positive!

Training for Reactive Dogs

I specialize in reactive dog training.  Reactive dogs need behaviour modification which is different from manners training.  My reactive dog program has changed the way hundreds of dogs cope with stress and teaches them to feel differently around their triggers.  

The biggest key to success for reactive dog training is a compliant owner.  This program involves patience and work at home between classes.  

Think you might be interested in changing how your dog feels around other dogs or people?  Click here and learn more about the program.