Gentle, effective training for the dog you love.

Scientifically sound, positive reinforcement training.

Our Classes

Education.  Not war.

Training your dog doesn’t need to be about going to battle.

All of the current, recognized, peer-reviewed research supports training a dog with positive-reinforcement.  This means good things, like treats, happen when the dog does what you want.   Using “balanced” training, or training that involves corrections is outdated, and not as effective.  In fact, we now know that because dogs think and learn differently than humans, corrections only serve to confuse the dog’s learning.

Positive reinforcement dog puppy training classes Mississauga Etobicoke

Not all dog training classes are created equally.


Small classes.  Big results.

Most of our classes are limited to 6 dogs and owners.  That means more individual attention in class.  Children and family members are welcome to attend Level 1 and Level 2 classes!

Mind, and body.

Our curriculum is designed to do more than just train skills.  Our classes put equal emphasis on body awareness and flexibility – that contribute to increased confidence.

3,000 sq ft of space

Learning recalls and leash walking skills in limited space can be challenging.  With over 3,000 square feet of space, you can really test your learning.  And the 5/8″ skid-proof rubber flooring is gentle on your dog’s joints.

Positive-reinforcement training.

We reward, and build value, for the behaviours we want.  All the current research tells us you don’t need to use pain or intimidation to train a dog.

This is Training your dog will love.

We’re positive!