Education, not war.

Dog training often doesn’t work because you’re not speaking the dog’s language.  You go from bribing, to insisting, to battling with your dog.

That’s not the relationship you want to have with your dog.

Train your dog in a way that he can understand and enjoy the benefits that come with training your dog that go beyond learning new skills.

All dog classes are not created equally.  

As important it is to have a dog who sits when you ask him to, it’s even more important to have a dog who loves working with you.  I plan my classes so that people and dogs have the best chance for success.

  • Small classes, big results.  Small classes means everyone gets individual instruction – maximum size 6.
  • Training using only positive reinforcement methods.
  • Curriculum developed using the science of applied animal behaviour means your dog learns new behaviours fast.
  • Classes taught by a Certified professional trainer.
  • Over 3000 square feet of training space with skid-proof rubber floors.

What is the ROI of a well trained dog?  Invest in training now, to get the dog you have dreamed of.  Practical, effective and fun training advice from a Certified professional trainer.

What say you?

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“Dog guardians can be assured that they will be getting the very best of the best with Dawn.”

Jean Donaldson, Founder
The Academy for Dog Trainers
Author of The Culture Clash


I am the only trainer in Ontario to be Certified by both The Academy for Dog Trainers and The Karen Pryor Academy.  I am also certified by the Certification Council of Pet Dog Trainers.  I am a Level 1 TagTeach Instructor.  Certification by these internationally recognized organizations means my knowledge and mechanical skills have been evaluated against a minimum standard of excellence.

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The Academy for Dog Trainers

The Academy for Dog Trainers

Certified Pet Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Certified Pet Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed

Professional Member since 2007.

Professional Member since 2007.

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