Agility for F-U-N

This class uses fun agility skills to make training with your dog so much FUN!


By strengthening impulse control.  Almost all dogs can use more impulse control, and almost all dogs LOVE agility, so learning impulse control using agility skills strengthens this critical foundation skill in a fun way.

By building your dog’s confidence.  Having your dog do things he has never done before – like walking on a teeter – boosts a dog’s confidence.

By building body awareness.  Did you know that body awareness has been directly related to confidence?  Tunnels and weave poles teach your dog body awareness in a fun way.

Who is this class best suited for?  Graduates of Puppy class or Level 1

How long is the class?  5 Weeks – 50 minutes

Fee:  $225 + HST

Check the Schedule for upcoming classes.

Some of the things your dog will learn:

Jump Grids
2 On / 2 Off Contacts
Tire Jump
Introduction to weave poles