Training New Behaviours

I was training a new behaviour with Gabby yesterday – an agility handling technique that was new to me, too.  I had done all of my homework:  studied the technique, watched a variety of people execute the handling move on video, and practiced the footwork without my dog.  I set up the video camera, warmed Gabby up and started training with her.

Here’s the part where my reality takes a sharp left turn from actual reality.  I did the handling sequence a number of times – sometimes Gabby got it right, but most of the time she got it wrong.  I stopped and reviewed the video and my notes to make sure my handling was good, the set up of the jumps was good…check, check.  So that left Gabby.  Why was she only getting my desired terminal behaviour less than 50% of the time?  Why was she taking.  So.  Long.

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