Fabulous Focus Games

Focus, attention and impulse control are intertwined with great leash manners, responsiveness to cues and recalls.  You will never have one without the other.

The struggle is that focus, attention and impulse control can’t be built overnight, the way you are able to teach your dog “sit” or “down.”  Why is that?  Because focus, attention and impulse control are what would be considered “expensive” behaviours since they are always competing with distractions.   Your dog is happy to pay attention to you…until you walk by a great smelling fire hydrant! 

In this class we use games, tricks and drills to build focus and attention so you can compete with distractions, impulse control that doesn’t have to be cued and work on improving responsiveness to recalls.

Prerequisite:  Dogs must have completed Level 1 and be friendly to dogs and people.

Fees:  5 weeks – $200 + HST 

Next class starts:  Monday, April 16 @ 7 p.m.  **No class on Monday, May 21st.

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