Heeling Class

It is highly reinforcing to rehearse heeling with food in your hand or in your pockets.  Position and engagement are usually great, and it feels like your dog could heel forever.  But often when the food goes away, so does the beautiful heel work.

Heeling is an endurance skill with very little about it that is naturally self reinforcing for a dog.  Endurance behaviours are built in a different way than static behaviours – think about training your dog to sit.  After 5 repetitions, you can usually start to fade the cookie in your hand.  Dogs learn endurance behaviours differently than static behaviours and you often encounter behaviour plateaus.

This class will give you:

  • games and drills to build, or improve, heel position.
  • how to give your dog the clearest possible information about what his job is when he’s heeling.
  • understanding the key to building engaged heeling: reinforcement.  How you reinforce, what you use to reinforce and how to fade reinforcement.
  • exercises specifically designed for dogs brand new to heel work.
  • videotaped run throughs Week 3 and 5.

Who is this class best suited for?  Any dog being introduced to formal heel work or any handlers who want to improve heeling.

Length:  5 weeks

Fees:  $225 + HST

When?  Wednesday, August 16 @ 8:00 p.m.