Heeling (with Feeling)

PCA Final Edit

There is heeling.  And then there’s heeling with feeling!

Do you have an interest in competitive obedience or rally obedience?  The foundation of both these dog sports is competitive heeling.  Whether your dog has never done any formal heel work training, or you want to re-train this complex behaviour in a way that will make your dog enjoy heeling more, this class may help.

In this class we will work on precision and engagement for heel work, starting right at the beginning.

  • Shaping the heel position using nose targets, body targets and platforms.
  • Building 25 perfect steps of heeling.
  • The elements of heeling:  left turn, right turn, about turn and halts.
  • The handler’s job.  Footwork, body cues and verbal cues.
  • Reducing reliance on reinforcement (food) and props.
  • Videotaping to help you learn to evaluate your training better.
  • Training enthusiasm and engagement as part of heel work.

Who is this class best suited for?   Any dog/handler team who have foundation skills (leash walking manners, stay, sit/down/stand) and recall.

5 Week – $225 + HST = $254.25

Starting:  Thursday, February 22 @ 8 p.m.SORRY CLASS FULL

Questions?  Click here to send me a question.  Click here to register for this class.