Heeling Games for Engagement and Precision

Lagging is a common problem in the competitive obedience ring, which is either the result of confusion about where heel position is, a lack of motivation, or both.  Rather than being energetic and dynamic, heel work is dry and uninspired.  This class uses games and drills to build engagement and precision.

This class will give you:

  • games and drills to build, or improve, heel position.
  • how to give your dog the clearest possible information about where he should be when he’s heeling.
  • understanding the key to building engaged heeling: reinforcement.  How you reinforce, what you use to reinforce and how to fade reinforcement.
  • videotaped run throughs  in Week 5.

Who is this class best suited for?  Any dog who has been introduced to formal heel work.

Length:  6 weeks

Fees:  $225 + HST

When?  Wednesday, April 25 @ 8 p.m.