Heel work is my favourite skills to teach a dog, and arguably also one of the hardest for a dog to learn!  If you’re new to formal heel work, this class will get you started.  If you have already started to train your dog in competitive heel work, this class has lots for you, too!

We will work on building, or improving, formal heel work.  We approach heel work by understanding the physical demands it puts on your dog, and how to build and maintain enthusiasm and engagement, without losing precision.  We use video taping to help you learn how to be a better handler.

In this class we will:

  • Help you teach your dog to have a clear understanding of heel position using platforms and other aides.
  • Transfer the value of games to heeling.
  • Increase precision by improving handler techniques.
  • Strategies for reducing reinforcement by building conditioned reinforcement.
  • Refine Companion Dog/Novice and Rally Novice skills.
  • Introduce dogs to some advanced skills used in Companion Dog Excellent/Open and Rally Advanced/Excellent.

Fee:  5 Weeks – $200 + HST = $226

Class starts:  Monday, January 8 @ 6:45 p.m.

To register, click here.