On Line Classroom

How do online classes work?  A new module is released every other week.  A module includes content to guide you through the exercises, video to help you understand the exercise and homework.  For homework you will be asked to post a video and will receive written feedback on the video provided.

Clicker Training – There are lots of advantages to using the clicker, but if you aren’t using it properly, you won’t gain all of the advantages the clicker offers.  This class is suitable for those who are new to clicker training, as well as clicker trainers who want to strengthen their skills.  Four modules – $79.  Next start date:  January 8, 2019.

Precision Heeling – TBA

Leash Manners and Recalls – TBA

Contacts – Learn both stopped contacts (2 on / 2 off) and running contacts.  Teach contacts and then add speed.  This class uses the clicker.  Four modules – $79.  Next start date:  TBA

Wicked Weave Training – TBA

Companion Dog/Novice Title – A title in competitive obedience is arguably one of the toughest titles to earn.  Tackling an obedience title will challenge your training skills, and challenge your dog.  This class will focus on heel work, which makes up the bulk of points in the CKC Novice title and will cover building focus and attention, footwork, precision turns and strategies for the ring.  You will also learn the stand for exam, recall and stay exercises.  Eight modules – $165.  Next start date:  November 1, 2018  SORRY, CLASS IS FULL

Sorry, all on line classes are full for the November/December session.  

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