Board and Train


Would you rather leave the training up to someone else?  Board and Train is a service that might fit your needs.

An initial consultation is required before board and train clients are accepted.  The consultation takes place at my offices.  After an initial consultation I will create a training strategy for your dog and the training challenges you would like addressed.

The minimum stay for any training is 6 nights/7 days although some behaviours may require additional time.

Polite Leash Manners – minimum 9 nights/10 days.
Any Housebreaking or Marking training – minimum 13 nights, 14 days.

Your dog will receive:

  • boarding in my home with 24 hour care.
  • focused training by a certified professional trainer using only positive reinforcement, evidence-based training throughout the day.
  • vigorous daily exercise twice a day.

You will receive:

  • a video tape of training as it progresses.
  • a video tape of the completely trained behaviours.
  • a “transfer” session to coach you on getting the behaviours yourself.
  • a written guide for maintaining the training.

Please note:  Board and train is not suitable for aggressive dogs.

6 nights/7 days:   $210/night = $1260 + HST
13 nights/14 days:   $180/night = $2340 + HST

Sorry but due to demand we are not booking dogs for Board and Train at this time.


Board and Train
Board and Train
Board and Train
Board and Train