Board and Train

Would you rather leave the training up to someone else?  Board and Train is a service that might fit your needs.

An initial consultation is required before board and train clients are accepted.  The consultation takes place at my offices.  After an initial consultation I will create a training strategy for your dog and the training challenges you would like addressed.

The minimum stay for any training is 6 nights/7 days although some behaviours may require additional time.

Polite Leash Manners – minimum 9 nights/10 days.
Any Housebreaking or Marking training – minimum 13 nights, 14 days.

Your dog will receive:

  • boarding in my home with 24 hour care.
  • focused training by a certified professional trainer using only positive reinforcement, evidence-based training throughout the day.
  • vigorous daily exercise twice a day.

You will receive:

  • a video tape of training as it progresses.
  • a video tape of the completely trained behaviours.
  • a “transfer” session to coach you on getting the behaviours yourself.
  • a written guide for maintaining the training.

Please note:  Board and train is not suitable for aggressive dogs.

9 nights/10 days:  $2250 + HST
13 nights/14 days:  $3150 + HST
20 nights/21 days:  $4578 + HST
30 nights/31 days:  $6300 + HST

Sorry but we are not booking dogs for Board and Train at this time.


Payment is due 7 days before the scheduled start of your board and train.

Accepted forms of payment:

Cash or Cheque made out to The Inspired Dog Inc.
eTransfer to and use the password “Inspired.”
Credit card via PayPal.  

Pay using PayPal

HST is charged for all services.  Thank you!

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Board and Train