• private training offers you a customized training program that will address your specific needs. Each private training client receives a training curriculum specifically designed for their dog.
  • flexible – schedule appointments based on your availability.  Sometimes six weeks of classes can’t fit into your busy lifestyle.  Private training offers you the flexibility you require.  Please note: there are advantages for scheduling sequential, weekly classes versus scheduling classes with large gaps between instruction.
  • one-on-one coaching and feedback.  Rather than getting 1/6th of the instructor’s time, private clients get dedicated instruction.
  • training sessions are 45 minutes to 1 hour each.
  • all sessions are typically conducted at The Inspired Dog.

Do you need manners training or behaviour modification?


Do you struggle with:

  • barking and lunging at unfamiliar dogs or people?
  • guarding food bowls, objects or furniture?
  • general nervousness and stress?

You may need behaviour modification.

Do you struggle with:

  • counter surfing or food stealing?
  • leash walking or coming when called?
  • housetraining?

You may need manners training.

Fees for Private Training

One session – 1.5 hours – $150 + HST.

Package of four sessions – $320 + HST