Private Training

Why private training?

  • private training offers you a customized training program that will address your specific needs. Each private training client receives a training curriculum specifically designed for their dog.
  • flexible – schedule appointments based on your availability.  Sometimes six weeks of classes can’t fit into your busy lifestyle.  Private training offers you the flexibility you require.
  • one-on-one coaching and feedback.  Rather than getting 1/6th of the instructor’s time, private clients get dedicated instruction.


Do you need manners training or behaviour modification?

Manners Training encompasses behaviours like counter surfing, pulling on leash, not coming when called and housetraining.

Generally, these behaviours can be learned in a group class but some owners feel their dogs learn better with one-on-one training or like the convenience of setting up lessons to accommodate a busy schedule.

Manners Training is available in 4 session prepaid packages and each session is 50 minutes long.  

Fee:  $340.00 + HST

Due to high demand for private training the pay-as-you-go option is no longer offered.

To inquire about private manners training please contact me here.

To register for private training sessions please click here.

Please note:  ALL training is conducted at 232 North Queen St, Etobicoke.  We do not offer in-home manners training.

Behaviour modification is a more specialized type of training.  Common types of behaviour modification training are:

Reactivity (barking and lunging at dogs or people while on leash), Fearfulness, Aggression (towards people or other dogs), Separation Anxiety (extreme distress upon owner’s departure manifested in destruction or incessant howling or barking) and Resource Guarding (uncomfortable with people being around their food bowl, space or toys).

This type of training typically takes some time to resolve and requires some investment of time for training on the part of the owner.

Your initial commitment to begin private training is 2 sessions for $250 + HST which includes:

  • an initial consultation plus 30 minutes to introduce and practice foundation training.  Approximately: 1 hour.
  • a customized management plan that will meet your specific needs and a recommended curriculum.
  • a follow up 50 minute appointment.
  • An initial consultation involves the owner providing information about training objectives, history of the dog and a review of owner and dog skills.  It gives me a chance to evaluate your dog, your training skills and discuss details for management and training.  

Additional training sessions:  $100 + HST

Reactive dog training package:  Initial consultation + 3 follow up training sessions.  Total 4 sessions: $425 + HST
* if desired this can include a session conducted at Garnetwood Park to work on exposures to dogs.

Please note:  ALL training sessions are conducted at 232 North Queen Street, Etobicoke.

If you are interested in learning more about private behaviour modification training please complete the questionnaire found here or call me to discuss at (647) 518-9873.