Classes Offered



  • Foundation manners obedience dog training for any dog over 10 weeks old who is new to training, or needs a brush up on their skills.

    In this class your dog will learn:

    – sit, down and stand.
    – attention and impulse control.
    – walking on leash without pulling.
    – sit or down stay.
    – foundation for a great recall.
    – how to stop jumping on people, counters, behave at the front door.

    Next class starts:  
    Monday, October 16 @ 8 p.m.  SORRY, CLASS FULL
    Wednesday, November 1 @ 7 p.m.  SORRY, CLASS FULL
    Saturday, November 4 @ 12:30 p.m.
    Monday, November 20 @ 7 p.m.

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  • For graduates of Puppy or Level 1 class, or any dog with basic foundation skills.*

    The focus of this class is to take the skills learned in Level 1 and make them Better! Stronger! Faster!

    Some dogs who complete Level 2 are ready to take the CKC Canine Good Neighbour test.

    In this class your dog will learn:

    – leash walking with distractions.
    – off leash manners.
    – rocking recalls with distractions.
    – solid sit-stay and down-stay.
    – tricks and games.

    Next class starts:  Saturday, November 4 @ 1:30 p.m.

    5 weeks – $225 + HST = $254.25

    *Note:  If you have graduated from Level 1 at another school you may be eligible to join our Level 2 class.  Contact me to find out.

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  • An introduction to the sport of Rally Obedience taught by CKC and CARO Rally Judge Lorraine Purnell.  A review of all Novice signs, an explanation of the best way to execute each station and everything you need to know to start competing in this fun dog sport.

    4 weeks – $170 + HST = $192.10

    Class starts:  Monday, October 23.  SORRY, CLASS FULL

  • Introduction to the Rally Advanced and Excellent exercises.

    5 weeks – $225 + HST = $254.25

    Class starts:  TBC

  • This class uses agility to build stronger, better foundation skills.  Games and drills make learning new behaviours fast and easy.

    In this class your dog will learn:

    – how to use impulse control for stays, wait and contacts.
    – how to navigate agility equipment.
    – how to train your dog to do the complex behaviour of weaves.
    – how to read your body cues as part of a team.

    Prerequisite:  Dog must have complete Level 1 and be friendly towards all dogs.

    Class starts:  TBC

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  • Begin to learn the formal foundation skills of agility.  Even if you don’t intend to compete in agility, your dog will enjoy exercising his mind and body in this active class.

    In this class your dog will be introduced to:

    – jump grids.
    – agility equipment.
    – weaves.
    – stopped, or 2 on/2 off, contacts.
    – basic handling skills.

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    Prerequisite:  Successfully completed Level 2 or with permission from the instructor.

    Class starts:  Tuesday, October 24 @ 7 p.m.

  • After the successful completion of Agility Foundation Skills, this might be the class for you.  

    This class introduces you to the handling skills you need to negotiate a simple agility course.

    Class starts:  TBC

  • Do you have an interest in the fun dog sports of competitive obedience or rally obedience?

    The foundation for both of these competitive sports is heel work.  Learn this fun, demanding skill in a way your dog will love.

    – shaping the heel position using body targets, nose targets and platforms so that your dog has a clear understanding of where he should be.
    – attention games to build great focus.
    – elements of heel work: turns, halts, change of pace.
    – the handler’s job:  footwork, body cues and verbal cues.
    – reducing reliance on reinforcement and props.

    Prerequisite:  Dogs must have successfully completed Level 2.

    5 weeks, $225 + HST = $254.25

    Next class:  TBC

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  • Competitive obedience dog training is a sport designed to demonstrate a dog’s trainability.

    This class is suitable for dogs who are new to the sport of competitive obedience, or already working towards a Pre-CD or CD title.

    Prerequisite:  Dogs must have successfully completed Level 2.

    5 weeks, $225 + HST = $254.25

    Next class:  Tuesday, October 24 @ 7 p.m.

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  • Having “control” of your dog is an illusion.  This class uses games to teach your dog to listen to you.

    Prerequisite:  Dogs must have completed Level 1 or Puppy Class.

    5 weeks – $225 + HST = $254.25

    Next class:  Thursday, October 26 @ 7 p.m.  SORRY CLASS FULL

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  • A bit of everything!  Come for trial prep, or just come for fun!  5 weeks of Run Throughs.

    • 20 minutes of skills coaching:  heeling games, fronts, finishes, attention/focus.
    • Obedience run throughs Week 1, 3 and 5 – Pre Novice, Novice, Novice Intermediate or Open.  You choose! 
    • Rally Obedience run throughs Week 2 and 4 – Novice, Intermediate/Advanced or Excellent.
    • Videotaped footage of your run through.

    A chance to practice your handling skills, ring strategy or have a nice evening out with your dog!

    This class is suitable for any dog but is most suited to dogs who have taken a foundation obedience or rally class already.

    5 weeks – $175 + HST

    Class starts:  Thursday, November 2 @ 8 p.m.

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  • Agili-bedience?  Obed-ility?  This class uses games, drills and agility to strengthen competitive obedience skills.

    How does that work?  One of the biggest challenges of training a competitive obedience dog is to keep the dog from becoming bored with the repetitive drills.  We know that we’re always training an emotion into a behaviour, so over time the emotion associated with boring drills becomes part of the behaviour.  That’s no good!

    Rather than focus on the completed behaviour, this class tries to build enthusiasm for fronts, finishes, broad jumps, and heeling.

    This class is suitable for any dog that has foundation obedience skills and can work reliably off leash.

    Class starts:  Thursday, November 2 @ 7 p.m.

    5 weeks – $210 + HST 

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