Puppy and Small Dog Socials

It’s not easy to exercise a puppy or small dog once there’s snow on the ground.  Puppy and Small Dog socials are a chance for your puppy or small dog (under 25 lbs) to play safely off leash in a supervised space.  Owners must be present while dogs are participating in the social.  Ex pens will be available for shy or timid dogs or puppies.

Socials are offered to dogs who are currently enrolled, or have taken classes, at The Inspired Dog, or dogs who have taken classes at When Hounds Fly or The Toronto Centre for Canine Education.  Socials are not offered to the general public.

Any Puppy:  10 weeks – 14 weeks old
Small dogs:  any age.  Dogs MUST be under 25 lbs to participate.  For the safety of all, you are required to sign a Waiver verifying your dog is under 25 lbs.

Upcoming Socials:

Sunday, January 14 @ 11 a.m.
Sunday, January 28 @ Noon
Sunday, February 11 @ Noon

If you want to participate:

Fee:  $10 for dogs currently enrolled in a class at The Inspired Dog class, $20 for all other dogs.